Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Ella scared us a little, but seems to be stable now. We have only been home about 24 hours and we nearly had to go right back. With Ella's new circulation, they would like Ella's sats to be above 85, they are okay if it is 80 and above, with lots of activity they will allow 70's (even though they don't like it) as long as it comes back up fairly quickly. Today, in addition to having less energy, Ella dropped her sats into the 50's. She was really blue and had only walked from the bathroom to the living room (in our super small house). They are definitely concerned, but after some time resting on oxygen she stabled back out. With the approval of her cardiologist, we are going to wait until Thursday to go back to Dallas, unless of course things get worse tomorrow. At this point she is back to her low baseline and off oxygen. We were supposed to go back on the 28th, but under the circumstances her cardiologist felt like it would be best to see her sooner. We ask that you continue to pray as we face this scary part of learning her new normal. Also her cough is really bad, prayers for that are also appreciated, between that and her nightmares, her sleep is not as restful as we wish it was. Again thank you all!


  1. We all continue to pray as she goes through all these obstacles. Baby steps sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Praying for a 90+ O2 Sat and an end to the lung (coughing) problems. God bless all of you.



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