Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Post from Ella's hospital room

I just want to thank you all for the prayers for our sweet sunshine! Ella has done so well. The nights and mornings have been hard, but seem to be improving. 

               Pre op height check

                  Pre op x-rays 

              Pre op echo and EKG

                Night before surgery

                  Morning of surgery

                    Post Fontan!!!

     She insisted on getting dressed right away ;) thanks to a friend from church for making these super handy snap tops! 

Poor baby was SO thirsty, it was several hours before she could have anything,

Finally she got some cheese to snack on

                     Lots of sleep

      First time out of bed since surgery

Singing "if you're happy and you know it" after walking over 450 feet that day!!

Moving out of the PCICU day 4 post op

        Settled in on the recovery floor

Walking as much as we can to clear those lungs!

No oxygen! Great numbers! (Green-heart rate, blue-oxygen) 

       More sleeping but no oxygen!

Wagon rides and blowing her recorder "flute" as she calls it. More lung exercises. 

            Eating dinner together :)

              Our room with a view

              Little tinker bell roaming!

              Feeling pretty good 

Ella has had some set backs, but over all she is doing very well. Right now we need her lungs to dry up as they are too wet and parts of them look collapsed. Also we need her bowels to stay regular and her urine output to be more then her intake of fluid. Right now she also has a large area on her stomach that is raw and blistered from all the tape going on and off. It looks absolutely horrible and is painful, please pray that it heals quickly. Also continued prayers for protection from germs and illnesses also for her incision and chest tube sites to stay infection free! 

Ella has been amazing through all of this! She is so so so brave! Every night she has nightmares and everyday she has some sort of intense pain on top of just the pain from having open heart surgery, and she doesn't complain. Her anxiety is very high especially anytime someone other then Jon or I are in the room. She is really making progress though! She has now had 2 IVs pulled, 1 new IV started, 2 lab sticks, 1 lab draw (plus a failed attempt), neck line pulled, art line pulled, pacing wires pulled, 2 chest tubes pulled, dressing changed, chest dressing pulled, daily x-rays, she is covered in band aids, wires, and tape etc. basically she is a rock star!

We know your prayers are making all the difference! Please continue to pray for our girl!


  1. She IS a rock-star. I love how amazingly God has pulled her through all of this!

  2. I loved seeing those HR and 02 saturation numbers. She appears to be doing very well thanks to God. Prayers for an infection-free recovery, increasing strength and that great moment when you can place her back into her own bed at home. Bless Ella, John and you.


  3. Wow. I am beyond amazed at how incredible she has done. Does she know what a HUGE surgery she just had?!? I will keep praying for her rapid recovery!!!

  4. You go, Ella! You're doing a great job. I loved seeing the "happy" pictures.

  5. What a strong, beautiful girl!! Every picture I see of her reminds me of my daughter. They are so close in age! I am happy to read her progress and will pray again for her healing and peace for each of you :)


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