Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Heading back to Dallas

We are heading back down to Dallas first thing in the morning to see Ella's cardiologist. We packed a bag just in case he wants us to stay in town for awhile. To say I'm disappointed to be going back just two days after getting home is an understatement, but seeing Ella with sats in the 50's, blue, low energy, and coughing so badly she vomits we certainly know it's the right thing to do. As always, we appreciate your continued prayers so much more then you can possibly know! 

Special prayer request that Ella gets some much needed rest tonight and a break from the coughing please! 


  1. I pray that you all get answers and that she feels much better quickly. I'm so sorry you're going back so soon.

  2. Sending up prayers. There is no worry like the worry of a parent about their child. Hoping and praying that Ella gets rest tonight, and that her parents get a break from the worry and fear.


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