Monday, December 23, 2013


I'm so behind on pics, but I can't wait to share all Ella's cuteness with you! We are doing well and Ella is counting down the days until Christmas with her countdown calendar that my grandma use to  let my sisters, me, and our cousins play with at her house! She is LOVEING it!

4 years ago on Dec. 8th we found out we were expecting we were SO excited, then on Dec. 18th we were told it looked like I was miscarrying, but 4 years ago today, on Dec. 23, we went in to have an internal ultrasound done to check for a heartbeat. Although we were too early to hear one, she was just big enough to show us the tiniest flutter proving that she was, in fact, ALIVE! I was so sick, and SOOO happy! We commented then on how strong our baby's heart was, not knowing she would only have half of a heart. Despite the half of a heart, the statement we made then is even more true today, she has the most beautiful heart!!! I love celebrating anniversaries of how far she has come!

 The little white spot in the black circle is my baby 4 years ago today, the day we saw her heart beat for the first time! I think she was the cutest spot ever :)
Now to get you caught up on allll the pics!
First up is Ella's first trip to the salon to get a haircut! This was in July (I think!)
She was so brave and not at all afraid! I was impressed!

Then Jon and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Sept. 14th!

Then before the flu season hit too hard we took our little Sunshine to the zoo for the 1st time!!

Her favorite were the clown fish because she thought they were Nemo :)

She wasn't too crazy about the big seals in the aquarium (she actually still talks about the "big seals are too scary for me") haha but she got right up close to this black bear! 

She couldn't wait to see the elephants!

I love watching these two together!

My oldest sis even came with her four girls and Ella LOVED seeing her cousins!

We had such a great time!

Ella just being adorable before church one Sunday, showing off her new outfit!

Then on Oct. 14th we celebrated Jon's 29th Birthday! The cake wasn't the prettiest cake I've ever made, but it was my first by scratch cake and it was the most delicious, moist, dark chocolate cake I've ever had! I was happy to make my man happy! (sorry if you now want cake!)

Daddy playing with Ella 

Jon got a grill for his birthday, he is loving it! He is already a grill master!

Then after Thanksgiving we started decorating for Christmas!

But then Jon spent a few days in bed from food poisoning (no, not my cooking lol) so we finished decorating another day.

Then we got to play in the snow with Ella for the first time! We had a blast!

                                               Our snow angel!

On the 18th we got dressed up, took some pics in front of the tree, and then headed out for our annual drive through Christmas lights! It was SO much fun!

Then we attempted a family self portrait in the dark... hahaha 

After driving for a bit, daddy opened the sunroof and little miss got a great view of all the lights (I assure you she was safe, as we were going about 5mph :)! I loved her little pigtails waving in the wind! 

On the way home we stopped and got some dinner to go and then headed to Starbucks for a treat, where she got her first cake pop! 

(it's decaf and we shared) :)

Once we got home we ran off the sugar rush!
Ella singing "Jingle Bells"
Ella singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas"
Merry Christmas friends! We truly hope you take time to celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas!His birth, life, death, and resurrection is our hope!