Monday, June 21, 2010

update 6-21-10

Well we went to see Ella's cardiologist today. Everything looks about the same on the ultrasound with her heart. This is good news that things are the same and not getting worse! We will be delivering Ella down in Dallas, and we will remain their until her first surgery/surgeries are completed and she is ready to go home. We will be traveling down to Dallas on July 6th to meet the team that will be working with us and caring for Ella, at that time we will set the date for her delivery. This is a huge relief for Jon and I to finally know where we will be. Please continue to pray for Ella's heart, as this is one of the hardest conditions that there is to take care of. Also please pray for all the doctors and surgeons that will be working on her. I am 32 weeks along and Ella is weighing in at 4lbs. 5oz.!!! She is a growing girl, this is a great sign! At the first of the appointment Ella was face down so they couldn't see her face or her heart very well, they kept pushing on her and she would wiggle all around but she would not turn over. When the first nurse left the room, I told Jon that he should try to tell her to turn over so he leaned over my stomach and talked to her for a little bit and told her to turn over, when the next nurse came in to look at her heart she was in the perfect position!!! She loves her daddy! Thank you all for your continued prayers, they are so appreciated!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

update 6-2-10

Well we had our doctor appointment today, thank you to everyone that was praying! I guess I'll get strait to the report. They said that everything looks about the same, but that their was a small improvement in her PFO! It doesn't change anything really statistics wise but the tendency is for the hole to close and hers has ever so slightly widened! At our last visit the opening was 1.7mm to 2mm this time it was 2mm to 3mm, although this is a very very small improvement it gives us hope that it could be the beginning of even more improvement! So I believe our earnest prayers are being heard, please continue to pray for her healing! We still do not know where we will be delivering or when exactly, hopefully we will know in two weeks. Although she is still at significant risk, we are praising the Lord for a small glimpse of hope for her. We were also encouraged that she is continuing to grow exactly on schedule she weighs 3lbs 2oz. She also is getting good blood flow to her brain and all the other major organs despite the obstacles in her heart! The doctor today seemed somewhat optimistic especially since she isn't getting worse! He said "she's doing pretty darn good!" With a smile on his face. We know this is still a long shot and we know that she is not even close to being out of the woods, but we also are rejoicing in this small victory! Her HLHS is still just as severe and the PFO needs to continue to open about 2 more mm in order to not have to do the extra surgery. We desperately want to hold our baby girl before they have to take her to surgery, as of now, we won't get to hold her :( If the PFO continues to open to the appropriate width, we may get to hold her before her first surgery! The doctors don't think that will happen, I am praying that it does :) Thank you so much for your prayers we could not possibly put into words how much they mean to us. Please don't stop praying for Ella, she is strong, but without God's intervention she just doesn't have the greatest odds.