Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ella is 3!

 It's been a long time since an update, sorry about that, life has been busy! We moved into our new home on August 8th and we are loving it here. Ella has adjusted so amazingly well! August 9th we celebrated our miracle's 3rd birthday and it was just SO much fun! Before I post all the birthday pictures, I'll give a health update.

Ella is doing better then I could have imagined. She is having no issues at all. We are loving being post Fontan! Ella's energy is amazing. We knew that she was supposed to feel better post Fontan but we also knew that with her mystery problems she may have been much worse post Fontan. My girl who used to just walk across a room pick up a toy and walk back and desat is now able to walk until I wear out bending over to pick things up constantly. The other day I took her for a nice long walk outside and she never once got tired or turned blue. When I got her home I checked her oxygen level just to see what it was after so much activity. She was at 85! The other day I checked her at complete rest and she hit 96!!!!!!!! By far the highest I've ever seen her oxygen level!

 She is for the most part hanging around 88, which is perfect. The other day she looked blue to me so I felt her hands and they were really cold, once she started running around she warmed up and turned pink again. I told Jon, that's the first time activity actually made her pinker!! :) We go back for her next check up on Sept. 13th and since Ella is doing so well we get to drop one dose of her lasix starting Sept. 6th. Ella did have 3 shots yesterday to start catching back up on her immunizations and her little legs are really sore, but she is a trooper.She also had her first trip to Braums after shots and it was such a fun moment! Ella hasn't been many places, and starting to step out into the world a little bit is scary, but going for ice cream was worth it! Once we got home she was extra cuddly so we snuggled up and watched "Finding Nemo". I loved the cuddle time.
 Overall we truly couldn't ask for more, God has once again blown us away by the results of this most recent surgery. We are excited for her future, and we pray it's long and full of life!

Now on to the fun party pics! 

             (Last pic with my 2 year old 2013)  (Last picture with my 1 year old 2012)

We always sing happy birthday to her as soon as she wakes up :)

Ella's cake was donated through the Icing Smiles Organization! This cake was done by https://www.facebook.com/SugarBakersOK she did such a great job! We are so thankful for her kindness to our family!

 It was so much fun to watch Ella really interact a play with other kids!

We had some special heart friends that we were so happy to see! 

 Ella got to hold a baby for the first time!

We took the opportunity to take a pic of all the grand kids and their favorite Nana! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Sunshine, you really do make everyday SO much brighter! 

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Ella's heart to stay strong, for her immune system to be strong, for her other organs to hold up despite the hard blood flow, for good results at her upcoming appt. and for wisdom for Jon and I as we make decisions for her now and in the future!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I owe you an update!

So much to share! So many pictures, but I don't have Internet right now so it won't be today. Just wanted to let you all know we are here, Ella is doing well, and I will be updating with more details and pictures as soon as possible! Thank you all for your continued prayers! Ella had a wonderful 3rd birthday!