Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update on Ella's appointment today

We are home from Dallas, thank you for praying. Ella did well at her appointment today, her anxiety was very low and she didn't have to get any "needles" so that made for a much more enjoyable trip for our girl! 

Ella had an x-ray which shows significant improvement from before, but still not where she needs to be so that unfortunately means we have to continue the treatments at home that leads to lots of tears. :(
Although the x-ray is showing improvement, Ella is not. That leads us to possibly more testing. 

Ella is still having a lot of pain, low appetite, low energy, low oxygen, high heart rate, and weight loss. At this point, we will continue to treat the bowl issues and also her GI doctor wants to switch her acid reflux med to hopefully help more with that, he also thinks she should have an endoscopy under  anesthesia in the near future. He feels like it would be good to have just to rule out any other possible problems that could be playing a role in her symptoms. This is a very simple scope, however anesthesia is always some risk and adding her cardiac history it makes things a little more risky, but it may need to be done. He also wants us to try to get more calories in her to help her gain weight, while continuing her high fiber no dairy diet. 

I will be talking to her cardiologist about the endoscopy and the med switch up to get his opinion before we make our final decision on what step to take next. Please continue to pray for wisdom, protection, answers, and healing as we walk this journey with our sunshine. 

We know that even though her team is not sure what all is going on in her body, our God knows it all perfectly, we try to rest in that. We thank you for your continued prayers. 

For those of you praying for Ella's heart friend,Emma, her surgery went well today, praise The Lord!!! Please continue to pray as she recovers from this surgery and her body tries to adjust. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heading to Dallas again.

Tomorrow, Dec. 10th, we will be heading to Dallas yet again. We will be seeing Ella's GI doctor this time. Ella is just not improving the way she should be, and she has begun to have some mild "episodes" again. Please pray we get this figured out. Her oxygen sats are still okay but lower then we would like with any activity and she has some significant exercise intolerance at this point that she "shouldn't" be experiencing since her last surgery. 

Please pray for safety in travel, safety from germs, wisdom for us and the doctors on Ella's team, Ella's anxiety level to be low, and for healing for our girl! 

Also a huge prayer request for our special heart friend Emma! She is in Boston and the plan is for her to have major open heart surgery tomorrow. This is extremely high risk! Her and her family are so dear to us. Will you join us in praying for them tomorrow and the days following? You can follow her updates on her blog and you can share her blog for your friends and family to pray as well! She needs lots of prayers for this next step in her journey! 

Thank you friends.