Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heading to Dallas again.

Tomorrow, Dec. 10th, we will be heading to Dallas yet again. We will be seeing Ella's GI doctor this time. Ella is just not improving the way she should be, and she has begun to have some mild "episodes" again. Please pray we get this figured out. Her oxygen sats are still okay but lower then we would like with any activity and she has some significant exercise intolerance at this point that she "shouldn't" be experiencing since her last surgery. 

Please pray for safety in travel, safety from germs, wisdom for us and the doctors on Ella's team, Ella's anxiety level to be low, and for healing for our girl! 

Also a huge prayer request for our special heart friend Emma! She is in Boston and the plan is for her to have major open heart surgery tomorrow. This is extremely high risk! Her and her family are so dear to us. Will you join us in praying for them tomorrow and the days following? You can follow her updates on her blog www.emmajanae.blogspot.com and you can share her blog for your friends and family to pray as well! She needs lots of prayers for this next step in her journey! 

Thank you friends. 

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