Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 8 post Fontan and we have some pretty fantastic news! We got discharged!!!! We have checked back into the Ronald McDonald house and will be here until after all of our immediate follow up appts. and tests. We need your continued prayers for Ella to stay healthy as her immune system rebuilds and also continued prayers for her lungs. We will be going in tomorrow morning for labs and x-rays. After this surgery, the lungs can often develop fluid build up even after discharge, and in some cases they will have to be re admitted to the hospital, so although we are out for now, she is still in need of your prayers!

We are in awe of God's mercy as we have passed this next step in Ella's Journey! She has surpassed all expectations yet again, so humbling to be her mom. We are just so happy right now! Both of us had tears as we watched Ella "run" down the hall of the Ronald McDonald house towards the same room we left to go to the hospital heading for open heart surgery just over a week ago. Ironically, today is June 13th which is also the day Ella's Fontan was originally scheduled for! We were supposed to just be sending Ella into surgery today, I am once again SO thankful God had other plans!! 

Really words aren't enough, so I'll leave you with some pics of our parting from the hospital! Ella has fought through her 4th open heart surgery and is still smiling! 

We got packed up and had to wait forever!

Our not so patient, oh so excited, about to break out, so sleepy, relief, faces ;) 


I may have been running hence the blur ;)

Leaving the hospital in our rear view mirror (even though we have to go back tomorrow)! Best feeling ever! 

Watching our miracle "run" and feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness of His faithfulness! 


  1. I'm so glad everything has worked out so well. Ella looks great! (I have a car just like yours, but mine's red.) :)

  2. Thank you Father for your constant watch care over this precious child and for the miracle she is through You. May You ever be glorified by her life.

    So happy for you all!


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