Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home again!

What a long day! We drove to Dallas this morning, had our appt. and then drove back home! That's 7 hours just driving time, but it's good to be home!

Because Ella was having such high blood pressure after surgery, they had started giving her a higher dose of her blood pressure medication to lower it. Today her blood pressure was too low, so we think what might have happened the other day is that her blood pressure was way to low and caused some problems. Also a side effect of this medication is sometimes a cough. When Ella first started this medication she was a baby and it did give her a cough, but it wasn't near this bad and eventually her body adjusted to it. We are hoping that her body will adjust to the higher dose. That being said, we are lowering her dose some to hopefully help her cough and regulate her blood pressure a little better.

Also we are lowering her dose of diuril (which is one of her diuretics to dry out her lungs) since her x-rays are still looking stable! This is a huge praise! The wet lungs can be such a hard battle! Ella is on 4 doses of diuretics a day to try to keep them dry, she is so dry, her eyes are a little sunken in. So we are glad we get to cut back some on that. Prayer request will be that her lungs stay stable even with the lower dose of diuril.

Ella is still losing weight due to the vomiting and lack of appetite. She is also having lots of gagging and dry heaving, from her oral aversion from being on the ventilator, she is also still dealing with the bad cough, all of which are very painful just after surgery. We would love for you to pray with us that her vomiting/gagging/dry heaving/coughing all subside soon and that her appetite will return!

As well as Ella is doing, she is only a little over 2 weeks out from major open heart surgery and her body needs a lot of adjusting still. God really is helping her along the way and we are so thankful! Please keep her in your prayers as her mind and body continue to heal! Thank you!

Our friends decorated our house for our homecoming the other day! 


  1. I'm so happy that they figured out what was wrong and that it's nothing serious. Sending prayers and hugs for your little sunshine.

  2. Hang in there mom and dad. She is soooooo cute. Love the pic


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