Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Journey Continues

Yesterday afternoon was pretty good. Ella walked twice and was in pretty good spirits. The evening and night brought some difficult challenges including vomiting (including pain meds which couldn't be re-given), high heart rate, low oxygen (they've had to bump up the about being given),  high blood pressure, grunting with her breaths, and this morning x-rays show more fluid than yesterday (although that was to be expected).  We all knew this was part of the long process of recovery and her precious little body is and she will continue on. Continue to fight. Continue to heal. Continue the journey. It's a long road to travel.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Aunt Rachael


  1. We are praying fervently for her! She looks so sweet.


  2. Wow, go Ella!!! She is a determined little gal. Wonderful to see her up walking. I know you will be so glad when she gets through all these "events" that take place after surgery. Amy, your wonderful husband seems to be so patient and loving. What a great dad for Ella to admire in the future to come. Just watching him in this video is something to see for sure. Happy Fathers Day to Ella's hero.


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