Thursday, June 6, 2013

As the Day Comes to a Close

As today comes to a close there are many things for us to be grateful for! It was a pretty calm day for Ella for the most part and she was able to rest some more. She kept the small portions of food down that she ate and she had a new cousin arrive back at home!

Late this afternoon they let her get up and go to the potty. She did great with that and was worn out after they got her back to bed.After all the hard work to get up she did throw-up some tonight. Mostly dry heaves.

Amy is enjoying sweet snuggles with Ella tonight! She is getting to sleep with her tonight which makes for a happy Mommy and happy Ella.

She is refusing her meds which is causing her to be in more pain. She wouldn't even take them with a crushed Popsicle.

So here are the evenings prayer requests:

  • Ella to take her meds
  • Her oxygen to stay up so she can remove the nasal cannula
  • Drainage to slow down
  • Appetite/thirst to increase
  • Pain level to go down 
  • Rest for all
Thanks again to everyone lifting up Ella Dawn!

Aunt Rachael

P.S. Amy just sent a message saying Ella just got sick again. Praying the nausea will subside and not continue through the night!


  1. She looks absolutely amazing!!! I can't believe that tiny body endured open heart surgery just yesterday. I pray that she continues to heal and that everything just keeps getting easier.

  2. Ella is living proof that with God all things are possible. Keep getting stronger Ella.



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