Saturday, June 29, 2013

update on Ella's cardiology visit yesterday

We went to Dallas yesterday for a check up, and it went pretty well. Ella's blood pressure is stable, so we are hoping to lower her blood pressure medication next week, also her x-rays are still stable so we also got to drop one dose of diuretics a day! We are down to 3 doses of diuretics a day now! Her weight is still down, but she is eating a little better so we are hoping that picks up soon.

Our biggest concern right now is that her sats are still a little lower then what we were hoping and expecting. She is satting 78-81 for the most part, and while that is a little low for post Fontan, we are thankful she is no longer dropping dramatically with activity. They told us it could take 2 to 3 months before Ella's sats completely settle out so we are praying they come up by then. If they don't come up in the allotted time we may be looking at another cath surgery to just make sure everything is functioning properly since surgery. We would love for you to pray with us that this is not needed!

Ella still has a small cough from her blood pressure meds, but it's not nearly as bad since we lowered the dose, she is still having some nightmares, but not every night, she is still vomiting some, but that has also gotten better. She has vomited more then she was since our appt. yesterday since it is typically fulled by anxiety, but overall she is doing very well!

God has been so merciful to give us a smooth post op recovery so far, please continue to pray with us that she stays healthy while her immune system rebuilds and also that her lungs will stay dry enough, that her blood pressure stays stable, and that her appetite will increase! Thank you all so much for continually praying for our sweet sunshine!

                                        She was worn out after her big check up!


  1. Glad she had a good appointment.

  2. Looks like she is sleeping in the car seat so peaceful. (yawn). Makes me want to go take a nap. Precious indeed. Praying for all of you for wonderful future events.

  3. Continued prayers and love from MA!

  4. 2013-14 will hold wonderful things for Ella. Prayers continue

  5. This has been a very interesting and educational few years for us out here in computer-land. We have followed your journey and found out things we never knew about the heart babies. The way you and Jon report to us about Ella is something else. What you are going through, no one really knows, we can only speculate, but we pray a lot. You are wonderful parents for this precious little girl. She has a lot to go through, but it is absolutely amazing what is behind her. Just remember that we all care, a lot, a whole lot. We don't even know you, have no idea even where you live, or anything about you. But..........boy have we learned one thing.... praying people are everywhere. Prayer connects people, people who don't even know each other. Prayers continue for your Ella and for all of you.


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