Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Good Night

The evening started with good news when Amy send a report that Ella had a "FANTASTIC night nurse". This was welcome news as the nights have proven to be difficult. The morning report came in at about 8:40 saying Ella was STILL asleep!! The night was much better! No vomiting and minimal tears when woken to take medicine or vitals. We are grateful for the sweet little smile on our Sunshine's face as she rests.

Prayer requests for today:
Oxygen coming up
Drainage to be good (Since receiving the first report today we got word they removed a couple more drains today. It was traumatic and painful but Ella was amazing!)
Wisdom for the team
Appetite to come back
Safety from germs/sickness
Ella's understanding that just because someone is in the room doesn't mean they will hurt her (They have started using the phrase "not for Ella" when someone comes in on other business besides a hurtful procedure.)
Less Vomiting


  1. What an incredible little girl. I appreciate the updates as we are praying for her continuously!

  2. Praying for beautiful Ella and family.


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