Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surgery is Underway

Amy and Jon have walked Ella back to surgery. It's only 11:20 so things are ahead of schedule. Surgery should last 2-3 hours. I'll report as I hear...

Aunt Rachael


  1. Praying for baby Ella! And for Amy & Jon too!

  2. Dear Aunt Rachel, thank you for keeping us updated on our Sweet Baby Ella and her parents. I know that God has a plan for her . . . and so does everyone else. Today, I'll be praying for her, her family and the baby boy and his family in Dallas. God's blessings are upon all of you as is His strength and wisdom. With fondest affections, Vicki Morris - a Sweet Baby Ella fan and friend of Tammi Foster

  3. Father God ask for your protection over Ella as she goes thru this surgery. We ask you to bless and annoint everyone involved in her care and you give the sergeons your hands as they work on Ella. We ask that you give peace for mommy and daddy as they wait for their sweet Ella to come back to them.

  4. Hello Ella, Jon, Amy and Aunt Rachel!

    I`ve been following Ella's journey and I understand what you are all going through, I gave birth to a teeny tiny preemie 3 months and a half early, and we spent 5 months in NICU. She went through surgeries, was in critical condition for almost all her time in NICU. Hard times on baby, hard times on parents

    Bella and I are praying, praying, praying for sweet Ella.

    Lots of love and hugs all the way from Calgary, Canada

    Rita and Baby Bella


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