Friday, November 19, 2010

prayer for friends

Well Ella is doing GREAT, we should be going home tomorrow!!! But although we are moving on out of here again we ask that you remember our friends that are still here and just arriving. Please remember to lift up all of the families here in the CICU, The little baby next to Ella's room passed away this evening... this place is sometimes a hard place to be. The little boy that was mentioned in a previous post is stable but still needs a lot of prayer, Emma, is still here making slow but steady steps and she is a cutie pie... Tomorrow morning the Nichols family will be arriving here to have Lyrics open heart surgery. Please please remember to lift their family up in prayer all through tonight and tomorrow and the days to follow for Lyric's recovery.


  1. Jon and Amy,
    I was glad to get to say HI and meet you in person today! I've followed Ella's site for months now, and we all feel that bond between Ella and our little Emma, my granddaughter! It was funny, Amy, how you said that you sometimes call Ella, Emma, and vice versa! I do the very same thing!

    I was so grateful that Ella's great-grandmother wrote on Emma's site today, and I thought I'd write on Ella's to say we all feel that connection be't the two girls ... and your Ella feels like a part of our family, too.

    We certainly pray that, Lord willing, these two special little girls can meet and be friends one day; I'm still dreaming of the day they can hold hands and run across the yard squealing, as little girls do!

    I am so glad that our prayers were answered for Miss Ella today and that you got to see Scott and Sarah, too! It isn't so easy to come into CICU, but it isn't quite so scary when you know that you have friends awaiting your arrival...hours before you got there, we knew you were on your way! That's how that group of HLHS Oklahoma families cares for one another!

    May God continue to bless Ella's progress. Our Emma's has been a slower journey, but she is beginning to head "uphill" again, and we are grateful to God for that!

    As always, we covet your prayers ... and you have ours, and our love, too!

    Jana Stewart (Emma's Nana Jana)

  2. I love these babies and their families- what faith it takes in our Lord to go through such trials! Our family continues to lift them all up in prayer!

  3. Praise the Lord Ella is doing so well. I follow the progress of little Emma as well and I am so glad you were able to check in with them. I'm sure it is encouraging for them to see Ella doing so well. I continue to pray for your family and look forward to hearing the next update.


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