Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ella got her RSV shot yesterday... I cried. It was awful, I just sat there holding her as she cried big crocodile sized tears feeling so helpless. A million questions running though my head, wondering if I'm doing the right thing. Praying hard for God's direction to guide me in my decisions. So so so many decisions have to be made for Ella, it is hard. On the bright side she has slowed down some on the vomiting, we have started giving her less food in the morning to help her digest it and then we just feed her sooner than we would have. It seems to be working for the most part! She is still having quite a bit of diarrhea, but we are just keeping an eye on it. She is still gaining weight, and she has officially hit the 11lbs. mark! What a chunky baby :) We have her next visit with the cardiologist on the 17th and we continue to take her to the pediatrician once a week for weighing and if we have any concerns we see the doctor. We thank you for your continued prayers, as we know much of her success is because of you lifting her up on our behalf.


  1. C had to get RSV shots Tuesday. Her dose was 3 shots- so I'm right there with you. I hate it every time, but I remind myself how much worse a trip to the hospital would be.
    I am praying that her tummy issues resolve and that she feels better soon!

  2. Poor baby girl! glad to hear that she is doing better & less food loss! 11lbs woohoo!!! Still praying everyday for continued strength & guidance! We love you 3 lots and praying always!!

  3. Still praying for sweet Ella! So glad to see these amazing pictures.. what a testament to God's goodness in our lives!! Love, Tawni

  4. Jon and Amy,
    Ella is such a beautiful, happy little baby...I am so glad to see her doing so well and pray her tummy issues will clear up!

    You are wonderful, loving parents to this sweet little girl. And I am still praying that one day, Emma and Ella will hold hands and go running through the playground together, making you and Scott and Sarah have to hurry to keep up with them!

    God bless and keep you all! Thanks for your continued prayers for Emma, too; her recovery is taking longer and is definitely a roller coaster ride, but I think a lot of the "twists and turns" were due to a "nick" her lymphatic system endured during the heart surgery. The lymphatic system takes a long time to heal, but with God's help, it will! Thanks!

    Emma's Nana Jana

  5. God is AMAZING! I check in every day and am so thrilled to read updates and see those bright eyes and big smile. I am in awe of your strength, but I know God is the one who gives you that strength. He promised never to give us more than we could bear and he gives us what we need to bear whatever comes our way. I pray daily for you and Ella and I am excited to see what God has planned.


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