Tuesday, November 2, 2010

doctor visit

We went to the doctor this morning, Ella is doing a little better I think. She hasn't thrown up yet this morning, but she just had her meds so we are hoping she can keep those down! The doctor thinks she must have gotten a tiny stomach bug :( Please continue to pray for her tummy to settle down, for her immune system to be strong and for Jon and I to stay healthy as well! Going to the pediatrician office is always nerve racking for me, even though we get right back to a room and leave out the back exit, their are always sick kiddos around. We are just going to keep watching miss Ella closely and if she continues to throw up her meds we will have to talk to the cardiologist and try to rearrange the plan on how much/often we give them to keep that from happening. All in all God is good and is continuing to care for our little princess!

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  1. I am praying for you all... What precious gift Ella is. I only wish for the best for Ella and your family..


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