Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dallas Bound - Update by Aunt Rachael

Amy’s last post was very correct. At the end she stated they may be going down to Dallas very soon. Little did she know that would mean today…as in right now! Ella’s oxygen was still running low. The OKC cardiologist called the Dallas cardiologist and the Dallas Doctors said come tonight, surgery tomorrow. WOW! What a whirlwind for sure!
You may be wondering what surgery they are doing tomorrow. The plan is to do a procedure to help “hold Ella over” until they are ready to do the “Glenn” (the second of the three surgery series). Amy mentioned in her last post about Ella outgrowing the shunt. This Problem is what they would be fixing to help hold Ella off on the Glenn procedure. However they may end up doing the Glenn while Amy and Jon are in Dallas. Just depending on how things are going and what they feel best at the time. That means Amy and Jon are packing up as quickly as possible (it is already past 1:00pm) and heading to Dallas for what could turn into many weeks.

Here the situation is in a nut shell: Ella needs some medical attention soon. The family is headed to Dallas to see that she gets the needed attention. All involved doctors, along with Amy and Jon, have A LOT of decisions to make for what the best medical path will be in the near future.

Here are the prayer requests:
1.)Wisdom – For all decision makers involved
For Amy and Jon as they are having to pack and leave things
in order so quickly
2.)Strength – Amy and Jon are low on sleep and have lots to do in such a
short time
3.)Protection – For Ella’s body both now and during all procedures
For safe travel on the trip to Dallas

Thank you all for your many prayers on behalf of Ella. She truly has been such our little sunshine!

Aunt Rachael


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