Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ella will be going to the Children's cardiac clinic on Monday for a follow up appointment, so far she has done well with keeping her stats up since the surgery. She has had some bloody noses from the irritation the oxygen caused we think. She also hasn't been eating well... if she eats her full feeds she throws up shortly after :( We really need her to eat so she can continue to gain the weight so she will be ready for her next open heart surgery on Jan. 6th. Her color seems slightly bluer to Jon and I then we think it should be, and she has been breathing hard and fast. Her poor little heart is working so very hard. Also since babies only breath through their noise, the fact that she is so congested makes it hard for her to breath. I asked why she is so congested and they said it's because she is in a way experiencing congestive heart failure, they said the congestion should get better after her next surgery. I just am wondering why it wasn't this bad before now? Anyway hopefully she will do well this evening and tomorrow so we can get to her appointment on Monday and not have to go in to the ER any sooner! Please continue to lift Ella up as she is recovering, we are praying for no infections, her to be able to eat and hold it down along with her new meds, that her congestion would clear up, and that she can breath easier to give her heart a rest. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our sweet baby girl.


  1. Prayers are coming your way for sure. Your story of love and determination is wonderful to read!


  2. Hi. We've been praying for you since I met your sister last Monday. This is such a difficult journey. We have learned so much about God's love and faithfulness through our journey with Jacob. Please know we are covering all of you.

    In Christ - Julie Thompson (Jacob's mom)

  3. Praying! I am so glad she made it through her surgery! What a strong and beautiful girl!

  4. My family and I will pray for you guys and baby Ella! She is such a doll. I talked to you at the Ronald McDonald house and don't remember ever giving you my name. Sorry.
    Weirdly, I think your aunt works with my aunt at OKPS?!
    You can find me on facebook if you want. We can keep in touch on how our little ones are doing!
    God Bless!
    Jessica Karnish


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