Wednesday, August 4, 2010

update 8-7-10

Well the big day has just about arrived and I wanted to put together some information for people who will be anxiously waiting to hear updates that day. First of all due to the delicate situation we are asking for no visitors until Ella is stable and we have more information on her condition. Since the Doctors expect our stay to be at a minimum of a month after her birth,their will be lots of opportunities for guests if her health allows. We know so many of you are praying diligently for Ella and will be ready to hear of news, we will try to get the blog updated as soon as possible, but under the circumstances we ask that you be patient with us. I have asked Ashley Farmer to be a contact for our friends at IBC and she has graciously agreed to take phone calls from those who are wondering the latest news. As far as Jon and I, we will NOT have our phones, also we do NOT have unlimited texting so please don't text us since we would not receive them and I am sure we would reach our limit rather quickly ;) We appreciate your prayers and concern so much, we just cannot possibly be in touch with everyone. There will be a small amount of family that will be in Dallas and they will try to spread the word when they hear anything new. I want to ask that anyone that wants to pass on news of Ella's condition make sure that the news is factual. In her condition there is a great possibility of many up and down moments, and we don't want any news to be spread that isn't fact. Again Jon and I feel so humbled that so many of you are lifting up our family in prayer at this time. The c-section is scheduled for 9am Monday morning the 9th. Ella will immediately be examined to make a plan, and then they will most likely take her strait into her first surgery. We will try to have you all updated as soon as possible with any news that becomes available.


  1. Hoping for the best! Waiting to the birth announcement on your blog :)

  2. I found your blog through Joye's blog, and just wanted to let you know that our prayers are with you and sweet Ella.

    I am 38 weeks pregnant with Joshua who has HLHS. We will be delivering him a week from tomorrow on Aug. 16th.

    Know you are prayed for and loved.

    Heart Hugs


  3. We love you, Amy!! We are praying for you, Jon, and your beautiful Ella Dawn.

  4. praying and loving your precious family.
    --the aldrich's


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