Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good News All Around!

Twenty percent chance to live. Twenty percent (20%). That is all the statistics gave sweet Ella. Not worth the hassle, pain, money. Maybe there is just a 20% chance because not enough people are taking the chance. I realize there are many babies who do not survive HLHS. Ella may not survive HLHS. But has this been worth the chance? Absolutely. Worth the pain? Every second. What a blessing Sweet Ella is.
Today Ella has continued to do very well. They removed one drainage tube and she handled it very well. Tomorrow they will take out the only two remaining drainage tubes. They also plan to…are you ready for this?...drum roll please……..take out her ventilator! Praise the Lord. Please pray for her body to handle that procedure well and maintain on her own. (Side Note: I love all of the stuffed animals she has going on in this picture. :) )
They have started weaning her off of her pain medicine. They plan to continue doing that throughout the night and discontinue it all together by morning. This is the only pain medication she is on and unless she shows signs of being in pain, which they don’t anticipate, that will be a done deal. Again, Praise the Lord.

They have been giving Ella “Mommy’s Milk” through the feeding tube. Amy is doing such a great job providing nutrition for Ella. Medical staff also removed the bandage from Ella’s incision. It seems to be healing nicely without infection.

Reports are that today Ella has been very alert. Big eyes wide open observing her surrounding, moving her little feet and hands and even making sweet sounds and sticking out her tongue.

Ok, all together now- Awwwww; and now- HALLELUJAH!!!
Please continue to lift Ella up in prayer. We are so grateful for you interceding on our behalf and for all the blessings the Lord has allowed us to witnesses.

For Amy and Jon,
Aunt Rachael


  1. Oh what happy news to hear before I go to bed....but not before I say my prayers. Precious are on the top of my list.(((hugs))

  2. So happy to see and read all the wonderful news. God is doing a mighty work in her and in you as parents :)

  3. Praise the Lord! His goodness shines through! Ella is so beautiful and we thank God for her and her wonderful parents! Jon & Amy you are a true picture of great faith. We love you all! Praying!!!

  4. My daughter didn't have HLHS but she had a different heart surgery at 4 days old and it was really difficult for them to take the ventilator out. We got our hopes up about it but then she started getting irritated/in pain and they gave her some meds to help her relax and successfully removed it the next day instead. It was very scary when they were getting rid of it - but once it was removed, it seemed that so quickly tubes/wires/cords started flying off my baby. It went really fast - and before I knew it we were taking our little girl home. I hope Jon and Amy have a different experience when they take Ella off the ventilator - but even if it's hard - she's a trooper and a blessing - and those are two awesome things to be!! :) So glad to read good news these past few posts. I'll continue praying constantly. Praise God!!!!

  5. we were also in Dallas with our heart baby laken. we were there for 6 weeks and now have been home for 7 weeks. when we were getting ready to leave drs told us they had no medical explanation as to how she recovered as she did (she also had a slim chance of survival) she beat the odds! the power of prayer is truly amazing and I want you to know we are praying hard for your family and sweet Ella. there is a baby in our hometown who also has HLHS who is now almost a year old. God is good!!

  6. 'Now to HIM who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could think or ask.....
    to HIM be the glory forever and EVER. AMEN' Praising Him this morning as I read this that it was another great day of blessing with your precious baby girl. Hope you get to hold her soon!!

  7. that BEAUTIFUL scare will always remind her that the Lord has big plans for her!!! I look forward to seeing/hearing more good news! (((HUGS))) from TN, Michelle

  8. Beautiful words...such a beautiful family. We thank God for sweet Ella and for Amy & Jon's faith and courage to give her a chance. What an amazing testimony. I cry every time I read a post!

  9. Those are great pictures of such a beautiful baby. She is such a fighter, and I'm so thankful for all the people who are fighting for her.

  10. She is so beautiful!!! I just loved all the pix and all the wonderful news! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

  11. She is a very beautiful little girl!!! I will keep her and your family in my prayers. I hope she gets well soon so you can take her home. Enjoy your little girl!!

  12. What a beautiful picture of Faith. After praying last night , I woke up hearing this....
    "My chains are gone
    I've been set free.
    My Lord my Savior has ransomed me,
    and like a flood,
    His mercy reigns,
    Unending Love
    Amazing Grace....

    He is Amazing! Will keep praying for Ella, Amy, and Jon.

  13. I just noticed you "number of hits" counter, but it's not counting us because I leave your page constantly open on my computer so we can check it all day long for any news.
    Ella is such a sweet little girl. God has already done mighty things through her tiny life.
    We are keeping you all in our prayers.
    The Dortignac Family

  14. Jamie and Joy Yates ( 30, 2010 at 3:33 AM

    Isn't it awesome that you don't have to rely on MAN to give you Ella's chances of survival! God's already given you 100%. Where two or more agree. You stand on the Word. After all, the Lord, your Father, loves the impossible. How else would He be able to show His handiwork. She's in good hands, guys! And I doubt Allstate could say that!


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