Monday, August 23, 2010

Ending the Day

Things are coming to a close for the day. Ella is back and her room and being taken good care of. Now through 24 hours after they close her chest up will be a crucial time. She is doing as well as they might have expected and so far has had no unpleasant surprises. They say 12 hours after the surgery often times the babies will have a little dip in recovery. Sometimes it is no big deal, others more serious. Please keep her in your prayers! They should be closing her up within a day or so. Right now she is still pretty much sedated. They surgeons were so very happy with the way things turned out! Even though they have never done things this way before, with the very partial procedure last week and then finishing it off now, I wonder if they won’t try it more often due to their thrill of the job well done. I suppose it is up to little Ella’s body now until it is time for the second surgery of the three surgery series, which shouldn’t take place for a couple of months, to see today's true success. I am rejocing in the miracles of today though and trusting God for the future.
Also please keep in your prayers Amy and Jon. They are lacking in sleep and Amy has started possibly catching something. She had a bit of a sore throat and wore a mask to see Ella this morning. If either of them gets sick they won’t be able to see Ella. All three of them need strong immune systems right now!

P.S. - The previous post mentioned them putting bands on Ella’s lungs during the previous procedure. Although that was the message we received it was not completely accurate. They put bands on some arteries and I honestly don’t know all of the medical hoopla about the details but it was not on her lungs. The result of the bands did help her lungs and the doctor today stated her lungs looked great! Wherever it was, the Lord guided those bands to the right place because they seemed to do their jobs!

For Amy and Jon,
Aunt Rachael

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  1. I just found you through baby Cohen's mom. Please know that I'll read up on y'all tomorrow and I'll pray for you!
    (((HUGS))) from Cookeville, TN


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