Saturday, August 14, 2010

Treasure Each Moment

Each moment with Ella is so deeply treasured by Amy and Jon. Ella seems so perfect that at times it is hard to truly comprehend the complexity of her heart condition. Without fail, each discussion with the doctors brings back the stark reality of the long road ahead. Please don’t quit praying. Ella still has a long ways to go.

It was decided yesterday that Ella’s first open heart surgery will take place on Monday. We don’t have an exact time yet. Right after she was born the surgery was on her heart but was able to take place laparoscopically through an entry in her leg. This time they will actually open up her chest. Visitors will not be able to see Ella for many days possibly weeks after this surgery. The risk of infection will be substantially higher than it even is now. Amy and Jon will be able to still be with her though. With Jon not getting much sleep at night they are taking shifts which only leaves one of them in the room with Ella many times. Therefore they will not be able to meet any visitors unless previously arranged.

The doctors said that even with Ella’s first condition fixed her chances of survival do not raise any. The damage caused by that condition is still and will remain present. Her struggle overcoming the following surgeries will be greater than that of a child who only had one of the conditions. I’m glad our God doesn’t work off of statistics, aren’t you? The doctors said when Ella was born she wasn’t as in bad of a condition as he has seen some. Obviously, that still isn’t good but we will take every little bit of better we can. Amy and Jon were again reminded of the marathon they have ahead. Marathon is even to simple of a word for it, the doctors told them yesterday.
So they will continue cherishing the moments, and trusting the Lord for His best plan. Please continue the prayers!
If you would like to send a word of encouragement to them they would love to receive it. Their address at the Ronald McDonald House is:

Amy and Jon Burk
c/o Ronald McDonald House
4707 Bengal Street
Dallas, Texas 75235


  1. Thank you for all the updates and precious photos. You are in our prayers here in Korea. My kids check all the time for updates and each remembers this baby in prayer. Even Little Lizzie is praying. We Love you!
    The Woods Family!

  2. Praying so much! She is such a beautiful little girl! Love and prayers!

  3. I know you don't know us, but my family is very close with your aunt Suzi Hanson. She is an amazing woman whom I have personally become very good friends with from LifeChurch. As of this week you all are going to be an every week prayer for our LifeGroup and we are SO excited to see God continue to work miracles in her life. We pray that He continues to give you and your family the peace that passes all understanding.

    Her story completely touched my heart especially because I have twin baby girls that are now almost 3 and I could not even FATHOM what you all are going through. Please let our family know if you need anything at all. We would love to help be a part of God's work for you. Thank you so much for being so transparent in showing this to everyone.

    Baby Ella has already, at such a young age, touched SO many people's lives and God is for SURE using her to be an example to others. You never know how many people God has touched through her.

    We will be praying always.

    The Cantrell's

    Eric, Erin, Hunter, Hayley, and Hayden

  4. We are praying and thinking of you guys constantly. Ella is beautiful!


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