Monday, August 23, 2010

Just heard Ella has started with that downturn they normally expect within the first 12 hours. Lots of doctors and nurses working. They are keeping in touch with the surgeon and doing the things they can. Please keep praying!


  1. Amy & Jon,
    A friend of mine just shared this link with me. I am 25 years old and have HLHS. I am currently teaching in Dallas. If you guys are still here and are up for it, I would love to stop by and meet and talk with ya'll this week. PLEASE feel free to e-mail me when you get a chance and I'd be more than happy to share my story with you. Praying for you and your sweet Ella!

    Love, Maribeth Gillis

  2. I might have already posted this - my name is Maribeth Gillis. I have HLHS and am 25 years old. I'm in the Dallas area and would love to come by and visit with y'all if you are up for it. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Maribeth Gillis

  3. Many prayers for Sweet Baby Ella as well as all of her family and the doctors and nurses taking care of her. I can't imagine what you all are going through and wish you all strength to endure whatever may come your way. Miss Ella is a beauty and has touched my heart. I hug my babies a lot tighter after seeing what all you are going through. ((HUGS!))


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