Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Keep the prayers coming.....

At this time, Ella's heart rate is being controlled by the pacemaker. The doctors, after 5 rounds of medicine, and a few attempts with the pacemaker, were able to make it work, for now....right now things are very "touch & go".  They were having problems with the pacemaker and were finally able to get it stabilized at 165.  It still de-stabilizes at times. These next several hours are very, very crucial.  Even more so than during the surgery itself.  Please continue to pray for the doctors to have wisdom, and for Ella's heart rate to be steady and regular.  We will update with changes as they come.

For Jon & Amy,
Aunt Kristina


  1. Continuing prayers of healing, strength, wisdom & peace.

    And Lord, we thank you for this precious little one and for all answered prayers you've given. We trust and rest in you.

  2. How is Baby Ella doing? We are praying for restoration and healing and devine protection from God and HIS will to be done.

  3. Praying for baby Ella and that all is well this morning!!!


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