Monday, August 23, 2010

Please Pray Now!!!!

Just got a message that Ella's heart rate is beating too fast. It is also beating incorrectly. They can fix this with a pace maker but her heart needs to slow down to at least 170 first. They have tried everything they can and now are giving her the last round of medications they can. If that does not work they will  have to put her on a machine that is very hard on the body and is difficult to come off of. Please pray specifically that way!

The doctors just asked to pray with Amy and Jon.
Lord, may your peace wash over that place! Amen!


  1. Lord, let your peace wash over Jon and Amy and Ella Dawn. In your mercy, Lord, bring your strength and health. Your love has healed the brokenhearted, Jesus, thank you for your love.

  2. I'm praying harder than ever for Ella.

  3. Father God cover this baby in your mighty healing hands!

  4. Having doctors that want to pray are the best. I have all my prayer warrior friends praying.


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