Monday, August 16, 2010

Amy and Jon... Your doing great!

Just days after announcing the pregnancy Amy starting getting sick. I don’t mean, feeling slightly nauseated sick either. Day after day she would continue to have the toilet as her closest companion and the bathroom floor as a resting place. The road was not easy! Some of you women out there understand the level of sickness I am talking about. Amy threw up over three hundred times over the course of the past nine months. It was always worth it though. She knew she had been given a special gift and was willing to fight until the end.(Necklace from encuraging friends that says "you are worth it all" given to Amy at 20 weeks.)
Amy has been such a good mom from the beginning. Already she has been willing to take steps that some people wouldn’t have walked. Since Ella has been born Amy and Jon have talked quietly to Ella giving her comfort that only a parent can bring. Such a sweet thing to see Ella crying but settle down when mommy or daddy stroke her face and whisper in her ear,
“its ok sweetie, mommy’s here”. Amy has been pumping for Ella so she will be given the best nutrition possible. She is doing a great job and I think Ella is very grateful!
Amy got to help give Ella a bath a couple of days ago and put on her first little onesie.I would be doing Ella a disservice if I didn’t give her mommy credit for the great fashion sense already being instilled in her. Have you noticed the hair bows?Like mommy like daughter - Both have double jointed thumbs. :)Amy and Jon, you are doing a great job! We all love you so much!

Ella is still stable after today's procedure. Amy and Jon are with her, enjoying each moment!


  1. I found your blog about sweet Ella through Amber's blog. Having a newborn boy, I can't imagine what you are going through. My husband and I will be praying hard for Amy, John and Ella. God is certainly watching over you all.

  2. Precious pictures!! Praying for all of you!!

  3. I said a prayer for Ella today. God is sooo good!


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