Friday, February 4, 2011

Our sunshine is growing

Ella is doing well, she is still on oxygen :( We are so ready for her diaphragm to heal, please continue to pray that it will heal on it's own quickly! Ella's eating is about the same, she is eating about 4oz. every four hours. That wouldn't be near enough if we weren't adding the extra calories, but with the extra calories we are getting by. Also some exciting news... this week miss Ella is getting her first two TEETH!!! So exciting watching her grow, but hard to believe how fast it is all happening! Thank you all for your continued prayers for our sweet baby girl :)


  1. This picture of her is so precious!!! She is so cute and clear to see she is your sunshine! Give the 02 some time I know it's sad and how hard you went them to just be okay but she will get there. My daughter ate about the same, small frequent meals. Congrats on watching her grow and see her first teeth! Best wishes for continue healing.

  2. What an angel! She definitely lights up my face when I see that smile.

    Prayers continue for her to heal so her oxygen levels stabilize.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  3. She is absolutely beautiful. Praying for your precious angel. Jen - TX

  4. She is absolutely adorable, I can't help but smile when I see her on here. She and you will be in my prayers and we know God definitely is watching over her. God Bless you all.


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