Wednesday, February 23, 2011

6 weeks post Glenn!

Well tomorrow is officially 6 weeks post Glenn!!! This is a big praise, the first 6 weeks after surgery is always the most critical! We will be seeing Ella's cardiologist on Friday, please be praying she will have gained weight! After we started her new meds and stopped some of her older meds, her vomiting slowed way down and her eating increased, although she isn't where she needs to be yet, she seems to be doing a little bit better. It may seem silly, but I am so looking forward to giving Ella her first REAL bath! She has never been able to have her whole body in water because of her incisions healing! Unfortunately Ella's diaphragm still has shown no improvement and therefore the oxygen is still on 24/7, this is the main reason Ella is still not being able to have visitors. May is the official end of the flu season, I have no idea what we could be facing at that time, but Lord willing we may be able to begin a few outings with Ella! I finally heard from Ella's cardiologist a few days ago, and Ella's blood work came back all clear! I have been so proud of Ella lately, she has been sleeping so well, she goes to bed around 8 and gets up right around 7:30a! This is great for her, unfortunately I am so accustomed to waking at all hours of the night to check on Ella, give her the passy, turn off the oxygen alarm, fix her nose cannula... etc. that I just don't ever seem to get a full night's rest. I guess at some point I will make it through a full night of sleep without waking with a fear as I quickly sit up to look at her monitor just to make sure her heart is still beating... maybe... but maybe just maybe this is the rest of forever for a heart mom. Well I'll leave you now with a request that feels so repetitive but too important to leave unsaid, please continue to pray for our sunshine, she has so much yet to face and she is just so small. Thank you, your prayers truly mean more to our family than you will ever know!


  1. You've got our prayers always Amy for all 3 of you:) Love you all and you all are GREAT parents for a heart baby!!!!!

  2. Praying for you all ...she's so adorable and always looks so happy!

  3. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that the diaphram is still not healed, but SOOO glad to hear that she seems to be doing better with eating and keeping it down.

    I have to say, again, she is such a doll!

    Prayers will continue for her and for both of you.

    Joy/Chandler, OK


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