Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ella's Fitst Valentine's Day

Well Ella had her first Valentine's Day. After her bath I was getting her dressed and I wanted something "Valentiney" To my shock I did not own one outfit for her with hearts on it!!! She had some before but she has outgrown them all. So a pink outfit it was! Anyway she still looked adorable of course! In other news, Ella tried cereal for the first time Valentine night, she did great lol it was SO cute! I talked to the cardiologist today and he wants to see Ella tomorrow morning. She is still not eating well at all and has starting vomiting :( she isn't getting her heart meds when she throws up. She still has her paralized diaphragm, and we are praying we don't have to go in for aditonal surgery to fix it. Anyway even with the oxygen and the eating problems she is her bright, smiling self! We ask that you continue to pray for her healing and protection from any sickness!



  1. Ella is SO adorable!! Glad you had a happy valentines:)

  2. The pictures of Jon giving his angel baby girl a rose...made me tear up! So precious and priceless and perfect!!!

  3. Miss Ella is looking great. WTG on the solids sweetie.

  4. I think Ella likes the camera!! The pictures are precious. Prayers continue.

    Joy/Chandler, OK


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