Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look who turned 6 months TODAY!!! :)

Ella's birthday Aug. 9, 2010
2 open heart surgeries 1 cath surgery

Ella 1 month old
 no lines and out of the hospital!

2 months
learning and growing at home!

3 months
Our happy girl!

4 months
continuing to get strong!

5 months
1 cath surgery, 1 open heart surgery

6 months
at home on oxygen but doing great!

What an amazing 6 months this has been and what a stamp this little girl has made on this world already! We can't believe she is six months old!!! Please continue to pray for Ella's diaphragm to heal so that she can get off the oxygen, also please pray that her cough will go away soon (this could be a side effect of her blood pressure medicine.) Also Ella is losing weight and still not eating well, we have still a few things to try, please pray that we will have wisdom on what route to take for her nutrition. She has started having some vomiting again and she is getting maybe half of the amount of food daily that she should have so we have no room to lose ANY of it. :( Thank you all for continuing this journey with us in prayer! The Lord is so merciful!!!!!


  1. Happy 6 month birthday sweet girl! We are praying for you so much and love you lots!

  2. Happy 6 Months! She is amazing and beautiful.

  3. She is such a miracle! And SOOOOOOO cute!!!!

  4. This is truly one of God's miracles. I pray for her when she comes to mind. What a precious baby girl!

  5. Hi there. Im brittany and i have been following this blog for a little over a week and have read the whole thing. What a blessing and miracle Ella is. Its amazing. Anyways im writing to tell you that i design blogs and wanted to offer a free blog design for your page. :) If you are interested go to and then contact me either on facebook or through email. I just love reading this blog :)

  6. It makes me so happy to see pics of her. She is so beautiful. Praying. :)

  7. She is so beautiful and brings a smile to my heart to see her growing and smiling. I will continue to pray for you all as you go thru this amazing journey. Pam O'Rorke

  8. Love the pictures! Happy 1/2 Birthday to Miss Ella!

    I continue to pray for her and for you guys. Looking forward to many GREAT updates in the next 6 mo.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  9. She is Adorable. She is so much in my prayers --- God Bless her and you as you watch over this precious little girl.
    Kathy Wilson/Park Falls, WI

  10. Happy 6 month birthday, Miss Ella! Tell your parents thank you for being so faithful in posting these beautiful pictures of you and keeping us informed on your progress. We continue to thank God for you along with your growth and healing!


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