Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well, Ella has developed a cough. It is extremely mild and doesn't even sound congested, but the pediatrician suggested that I call the cardiologist just to make sure it was ok since sometimes a problem with your heart can make you cough. After talking to the cardiologist they said they wanted to see her tomorrow afternoon just to check everything out. We ask you to pray that this is nothing serious, we are just getting settled back in and going back to more meds or a hospital stay is not what we want. Ella is our sunshine, and hearing bad news would crush us. Hoping and praying for the best...


  1. Love that chubby, smiling, gorgeous little face. Lifting your precious girl to the Father this morning. Do you have to go back to Dallas??!

  2. Praying the cough is nothing at all but some dust.


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