Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Picture...Worth a Thousand Words!




"Daddy, You are my hero!"

Worth it All!

Last night one of the doctors was in the room and she said to Amy and Jon, "I know you guys know how well she is doing, but I just want you to know she is doing phenomenal!" She also mentioned that she knows they are being extra cautious, they are just amazed at how well she is really doing! They don't have good explainations, but we do!! :) I am so grateful for what God is doing.

Someone sent Amy and Jon a love offering and wanted Jon to take Amy on a special date and buy her a special gift to remember this season in their lives. The necklace is the gift he chose. They also wanted them to buy Ella a special gift so they plan to buy her a music box.

Thank you for continuing to lift our family up! To God be the Glory! Great things He has done!!!

For Amy and Jon,
Aunt Rachael

P.S. The top picture captures a treasured moment. Amy's first time to feed Ella! I think they both enjoyed it! :)


  1. Okay, this post has made my day! What precious pictures of a precious family! God is still in the miracle business as we all know. Glory to Him forever and ever. Continuing to pray for healing, joy and provision.

  2. Ahhh these pictures are amazing! Ella is so blessed to have Jon & Amy as her parents... you two are doing a great job! Thank you for sharing the pictures and for teaching us a little more about faith, love, and trusting the God who loves us so much. Your family is making an impact on many lives. Ella is so beautiful.
    Praying tons!

  3. Amazing!!! I'm just in awe. Love you guys and love our God!!!


  4. Our GOD is an AWESOME God! What an amazing blessing.

    Boise, ID

  5. Great job on the updates ( you and God ). HE'S just showing us HE'S still listening if we just call. What a beautiful baby girl and testimonal family. Our GOD is an awesome GOD He reighns from heaven above with wisdom power and love our GOD is an awesome GOD!!!!!!

  6. What sweet pictures! I am so happy for Am & Jon that they were able to hold Ella!

  7. I don't know if you realize it or not, but Ella drinking from a bottle at this stage is simply amazing! Wow! She looks great, and the three of you together is so precious. I know you are eating up every minute you get to spend holding her.
    God is really showing out with Ella. I am so, SO happy for you all!

  8. Thank you Jesus for your Love and Mercy and Grace. You are a Great God and I praise your name. Thank you for all your blessings on this wonderful family!!
    It made my heart smile to see the top pic, they both are so very happy!

  9. Loving the blog. Thank you for sharing your precious times together. We love you so much.


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