Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Home Ella Dawn...Welcome Home!

Ephesians 3:20
"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen."

On the journey home Amy and Jon took this photo. How appropriate and beautiful- a reminder of God’s promise. Thank you Lord!
These are the words to a song that has touched my heart through all of the difficulties of this past year.

Thank You:

For all that You’ve done I will thank You
For all that You’re going to do
For all that You’ve promised and all that you are
Is all that has carried me through
Jesus I thank You!

Thank You for loving and setting my free!
Thank You for giving Your life just for me.
How I thank You! Jesus I thank You!
Gratefully thank You! Thank You!

Amy and Jon are so happy to be home. They wish they could share Ella with everyone but the doctors continue to give them very strong cautions about allowing people to come over or bringing Ella anywhere. Even aunts and uncles are on standby for when we can see sweet Ella. Even though it is hard we are more than willing to do whatever is best for Ella. Just having her here is such a blessing! 
You all will never know how much each prayer has meant to us. This journey has forever left us changed and we continue the prayers for those walking similar journeys of their own.

For Amy and Jon,
Aunt Rachael

P.S. If you haven't signed up for the "Worth it All" Benefit Run yet you can print the registration form at the top of the right hand column of this page. We would love for you to come help us celebrate miracles!


  1. Ella, Amy and Jon- Welcome Home!!!! Can't wait to meet you- til then we press on planning Ella's Run!!! It has been life changing for me and I thank you for sharing your miracle with all of us.

  2. Aunt Jen is soooooooo happy just knowing Jon, Amy & Ella are in the neighborhood. Thank you Lord for bringing everyone safely home!!!! XXOOO HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JON & AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. She is a beautiful little girl. I wish you all much happiness.

  4. What a joyful day for all of you! I know our Father in heaven is smiling just as big!!! It has been such a privilege to pray for you and I will continue to lift sweet Ella before His throne of grace as she grows. That full double rainbow was awesome to behold and I love how He reminds us that His promises are true and He is always faithful. In His Precious Love, Brenda

  5. Welcome Home! What a blessing! Know that you have touched so many lives and God's faithfulness has shown through! Thank you for sharing your family's journey with us and we continue to pray for Ella! Much love!
    The Nichols

  6. Jax, Patty and I are glad you are home. We continue to wish you all the best and pray for you every night.

  7. What tears poured from my eyes this morning as I read Sweet Ella is home. Glory Be to GOD!! He is Mighty to Save. It has been a bessing for me to pray over your family and I will continue to pray as you all travel this path.
    Ella is such a smiley baby and you both look so happy!! God is so good!

  8. congratulations, you guys!

  9. oh thank the Lord! he is a wonderful God! She is such a beautiful baby!

  10. Oh, welcome home, precious family! Deyton said tonight, "Ooooh, is Baby Ella all better?" Then, with his hands open in front of him, "Can I please hold her on the couch?" I can't hardly wait. There were prayers spoken on that same couch long before anyone had an inkling of the story God was going to tell. How good He is!
    Love & Prayers--The Crawley Crew

  11. i love Dennis Jernigan ! Thank you for posting those song lyrics.


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