Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Very Happy People Leaving the Hospital WITH Their Baby!!!

Look who is no longer in the hospital!!!! Our God is still in the miracle working business!!! Praise His Holy name!!!!

The Burk family was released to go to the Ronald McDonald house for a trial “at home” run. On Monday Ella has a doctors appointment at which time they will make further decisions about them returning to Oklahoma. We are so excited about the possibility about the family coming home but we know there are going to be many many new things to learn along this new part of the journey. There is a 10% mortality rate of these heart babies between the first and second surgeries who get a secondary illness and their bodies can’t fight back. Regardless of the new restrictions that will be in place for Ella’s safety we are so grateful to even have her on this journey.

Many of you have been patiently waiting for details about the fundraiser walk/run for Amy, Jon and Ella. So here is the scoop:

“Worth it All” Beneļ¬t Run for Ella Dawn Burk
daughter of Jon and Amy Burk of Immanuel Baptist Church
October 10th, 2010 at Shawnee Airport Track
1 mile/5k/10k Run/Walk your choice, all ages welcome
1:00 pm Registration, 2:00 pm start
$20.00 Registration (includes t-shirt)

I’m sure many of you have spirits that are willing but your flesh is weak. I understand your plight. Come support us by just being there cheering on those who are running. It is for the whole family and is going to be lots of fun! Look into that cute face, into those adorable eyes. Ok, now make your decision. :)
So are you going to join in the walk/run? Great! Click HERE to fill out the registration form and send it in. You can also just purchase a t-shirt through filling out the registration page as if you were running but on bottom of the form write "shirt only" so we will be able to keep a count of how many runners we will have on the track.

Thank you again for all of your continued love, prayers, and support!

For Amy and Jon,
Aunt Rachael


  1. YAY!!! Praise the Lord for His goodness! We'll be praying as you all get adjusted away from the hopital! Praying so much & we love you!

  2. You 2 are sooooo awesome, with Gods help of course. You are the "bestest" parents around with a month old baby named Ella Dawn:) I sure do love you guys and hope to be able to hold this BEAUTIFUL angel someday. I know that theres lots of restrictions for now and totally understand but kids we're still praying hard for all of you. Love you Bunches Nanny Norma and John

  3. How amazing that you are able to take her "home!" God is so good :) We'll continue to pray that she keeps making progress and pave the way for others.

  4. AMAZING! What a little miracle! God is so good! Praying that things continue to go well. Have you all listened to that song Wonder by Natalie Merchant. I heard it the other day and thought of sweet Ella! She is a wonder!

  5. Oh.My.Word. Praise the Lord. He DOES great things!
    She is PRECIOUS and I know you are all so excited!!!

  6. What Great News!! God is good!! I hope you & Jon have a good weekend with that precious bundle from God. Amy you are looking good. Will continue to pray for you. Pat

  7. God is so good! Thank you Mighty Jesus!!!!!

  8. WOW!!! I was hoping for a new post this morning but didn't expect this happy news!! God is SO awesome. Continuing to pray for healing and protection for your precious Ella Dawn!! Today is my birthday so it was a happy birthday surprise!

  9. Yay! Congrats! I am so happy for you guys. Enjoy your beautiful, blessed miracle!

  10. I am friends with Jon's Sister Jen and she told me and has posted on here facebook about sweet baby Ella,been praying for her and the both of you! It is AWESOME that God has done so much! So touched by your sweet little girls and your strength and never meet you! I have seen several miricles myself! God will NOT fail you he has GREAT things for you! Just remember what the ememy intends for bad God will use for his Glory as you have allowed him too! :) Continued prayers for his healing powers and to keep you all strong and healthy Blessings and prayers! In him, Donna

  11. WOW! PHENOMENAL! FANTASTIC! PRAISE HIM WHO CAN MOVE BOTH MOUNTAINS AND THE MICROSCOPIC! She is absolutely adorable! We cannot wait to meet her and watch her story unfold. Your family is such a blessing to us!
    With Love,
    The Crawley Crew

  12. More answered prayers! Emma's mom and dad told me they saw you from a distance today at the Ronald McDonald House! Hope you finally get to meet each other while there. It is our hope and prayer that Miss Ella and Miss Emma will one day be spotted running across a playground together, hand-in-hand, and strong and healthy due to God's gracious love and continued answers to prayers! Hugs to all! (From Emma's Nana Jana)

  13. We are so excited for you and love keeping up on the blog! Greg and Kim


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