Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We took Ella in this morning to get her oxygen level checked and to get her weighed. All looked great! She weighs 9lbs. !!!! She is such a joy, Jon and I can't get enough of her. We just stare at her and smile, and then brag about how cute she is :) We are just taking it one day at a time until her next surgery, and in the mean time enjoying lots and lots of snuggle time! :)


  1. You would never know by looking at her that there was anything wrong with her little heart at all. She is a beautiful baby! Good job Ella for eating so good!! Enjoy every single snuggle you can get every day!

  2. Thanks for letting us have a "peek" on Sunday morning. I had to compose myself before SS. She is most certainly the handiwork of an amazing God! Knowing God answers prayer is good, but seeing the answer is even better!
    Love you guys,
    Amber, for the Crew

  3. You both look so happy and peaceful Praising God for all he has done and continues to do for Ella and her mommy and daddy!

  4. I just joined your blog through Brayden's blog, so glad I found you! Ella is just beautiful and I can't wait to read about her progress!

  5. I want to tell you our story of praying for your little family. I saw a post on fb about your daughter right after she was born and I followed the link and read your blog, this was when Ella was making a turn for the worst at the time. I told my kids, Della 4 and Blake 3, about Ella and about how her heart wasn't working right and that we needed to pray for her. Della was so concerned about Ella (and loved that their names rhymed) that we prayed every night for her. I lost the blog address and therefore lost trackof your story. My kids have been praying for Ella every night since then even without knowing. They would remind me to pray or they would pray themselves all the time. They would say "Let baby Ella sleep good tonight at the hospital and let the doctors know how to fix her heart." I have to tell, the other day when Blake asked to see his friend baby Ella's picture, I was afriad to go looking for the blog and find out that the worst had happened to your sweet little girl. And have to tell my kids that their praying had not gone as planned. So I had a talk with them telling them that God always answers our prayers but sometimes it's not like we want (of course trying to explain God taking a baby home to be with him is not an easy task to adults much less a 4 and 3 year old!) but that God is God and he knows what is best, and I would do my best to find out what happened to the baby they have been pouring their hearts out to God for. I looked until 3am this morning for your blog, and all that said am very happy to report to my babies that your baby is doing well and how we can continue to pray for her. I thank my precious savior everyday for 5 healthy kids. And now I thank him with tears in my eyes for your little miracle, who has touched my family in a way I would have never thought someone could whom we had never even met. Thank you for sharing your story. My family now has a story of the power of prayer in a very real way!
    Lexi Edsell
    Apple Valley, Ca


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