Monday, October 1, 2012

Ella's update

 Ella has been fighting fever for the last few days and also has been having a high heart rate and a low oxygen level. When her resting heart rate hit 160, we decided that we needed to talk to her cardiologist again. We realized that she is cutting multiple molars right now so I mentioned that to him, we both agreed that the teeth/fever could be the cause of her fast heart rate, but since she had been having the desating issues too he thought that we needed to hook her up to a 24 hour monitor. We were suppose to bring her in to get her fitted this morning. I did NOT want to hook her up since she was already in pain and I know from experience that the monitor is VERY uncomfortable also because I really think this is mostly from her teeth coming in (teething is VERY hard on some heart babies). Last night I cried and prayed, I couldn't bare the thought of doing the monitor to her right now especially feeling like it wasn't necessary  This morning when Ella woke up she was fever free and her heart rate down into the low 100's (for the first time in days!) and her oxygen was up into the low 80's for the first time in days as well, her oxygen has been floating around in the low to mid 70's.  So we decided to skip the monitor (with the cardiologists blessing) and watch her some more. Can't tell you how thankful we are that her poor little heart is getting a break from that hard fast beating and that her body and brain are finally getting a better supply of oxygen. Please continue to pray for her as we figure all of this out, thanks so much!


  1. I'm so glad she's feeling better.

  2. Jamie and I have been getting your updates for a while
    now. And every once in a while I feel led to share a site with you. And a part of me always says, "they already know.....". But now more than ever, I'm stepping out, and really want to share it with you.
    Go to
    There's a column on the left.
    Look for healing testimonies, under Extras.
    There are a few stories that would really minister to you and I think of her each time I hear about the little ones that have had amazing healing experiences.
    I hope it was ok to send this, this way. I didn't know any other way to contact you.
    Have a beautiful Tuesday!!!!
    Our love to you all!
    Jamie and Joy


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