Friday, October 12, 2012

Surgery is finished & was successful!

The surgery is complete, and Ella is on her way to recovery!  They got to see her for just a moment and she looked very peaceful.  Jon & Amy will be able to sit with her as soon as they get her all set up in a room.  They talked with the surgeon, Dr. Nugent, who is the same surgeon that did Ella's very first cath surgery the day she was born.  Today, he fixed the calateral and said everything else looks amazing! He said she is a superstar! He can't believe her lungs are in such good shape. He said they are perfect now, God is amazing! He described her pulmonary arteries and arch as gorgeous and also said he wouldn't see us again for a couple of years! :)  Another thing, the very first surgery they did on Ella where they had to stop in the middle because her lungs were too damaged so they put the bands on and tried again in a week - they are doing that now on every intact or restricted atrial septum because it worked so well! God is SO GOOD! Please continue to pray for a good, smooth recovery, especially since Ella has to lay flat & still for the next 4 hours.

Thank you everyone!

~Aunt Kristina


  1. Such good news!! Thanks for posting these updates. Will pray for recovery and Ms. Ella is able to be still for this - we know she is full of energy - keep us updated - HUGSS to Ella's momma and daddy - they are amazing parents - and Ella is blessed to have them. A beautiful, beautiful family -

  2. Praise God for this excellent news! Dr. Nugent is my son Anthony's primary cardiologist, and although I admit to extreme bias, we think there is none better. So glad all went well today. Prayers continue for a full and uneventful recovery.

  3. I was shocked to read that she had surgery, but it sounds like she is doing so well! She is always in my prayers.

  4. So happy to hear this news. We have been praying for her all day! Thanking the Lord for His mercy once again in little Ella's life.

    The Cole's

  5. YEA ELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Looking forward to a little "smiley face" picture. Prayers continue


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