Monday, October 22, 2012

Because it's too cute not to share!

Ella is doing well since the cath! Her oxygen is still not quite where we were hoping it would be since the repair and she is still desating with activity, but she seems to be a little better for sure! She is usually between 78-83 but we did see her at 90 for the first time in over a year, it didn't stick around too long and she was in the 60's later in the day, but that 90 was enough to make this momma cry tears of joy! I love it when she has all the oxygen she needs!!!!! Prayers for her to sleep well at night are appreciated, she is getting up sometimes 5 times a night and really we all could use some more rest, thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the video of her talking on the "phone"!


  1. Absolutely adorable and talking so plain. Thanks for the sharing. Prayers!!!!!

  2. She is so precious! It is great to see her smiling face, what a blessing! Praying she gets better each and every day.


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