Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer request

Ella has an appointment in Dallas on Oct. 18th. We are so ready to have her full care there. One thing about her last appointment that I forgot to mention was that Dr. Ward said that it is possible that she is anemic and that could cause her sat drops. So instead of doing a blood test we are going to increase her iron rich foods for now, hopefully that will help and just be a simple fix.

Prayer request for Ella as she has been having diarrhea today, she threw up, and she is running a fever. At first I thought it was all from her anxiety from the doctor (it's not uncommon for her to have some diarrhea and or vomiting after a doctor appointment due to the anxiety she had) but since she is running a fever it makes me think it is more then likely a virus of some sort. Dehydration is very serious for her condition so I'm doing the best I can to keep her hydrated. We REALLY appreciate your prayers for her to feel better as soon as possible.


  1. We have been driving three hours to Dallas for our 9-year-old son's cardiac care for years. You have made a wise decision, not only for the quality of care there, but also for the consistency of care. It is not always convenient, but it is always worth it. My prayers are with you.


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