Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Florida on our first family vacation!!!!

We are in FLORIDA enjoying our first family vacation!!! Loving the time and the weather is gorgeous! I will update with pics and stories when we get home, but for now please keep us in your prayers! Please pray for safety and good health for Ella, since this is the first time we have been far away from a good children s hospital and it is also the beginning of the flu season, so I'm a little nervous! So far so good, we feel so blessed to be here in this place with our 20% miracle! Thank you Lord for your MANY blessings!

Please also continue to keep Ella's heart friend "Emma" in your prayers as she is still fighting hard in Dallas. :(


  1. What a GREAT picture! You all look so incredibly happy.

  2. Enjoy your vacation in Florida. I know that when cross over the state line to Florida it seems all our cares and trials are left behind us and we can truely relax and no worry about anything.. Hope it is the same for you.. I LOVE FLORIDA>>So many great resturants..


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