Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Trip in Pics.!! :)

Ready to go!

 All packed in! She was perfect for the whole trip!!

 After 10 hours in the car and only 2 stops other then gas refills, she was happy to stay in her first hotel!

 Finally on the beach! This is a pic of us standing on our back porch!!

 She was happy but didn't like the sand on her hands! 

 playing with the sand!

 The first evening we were there we saw 6 stingrays swimming back and forth, literally just a few feet away from the shore. We also saw a shark further out!! :0

 Our pink poodle for Halloween!

 View from the master bedroom :)

 Ella's new favorite game is talking on the "phone" It is SO CUTE! She says "helloooo?" "hi!" :)

 night time on the beach!

 My love <3 

 Dress from our dear friend Leslie Click! 

 Getting ready to play in the sun!

 Sand castles like I used to make with my dad!

 wearing mommy's BIG hat!

 Chilling out! 

 Could she BE any cuter?? I think not!

 Thank you Lord for this trip!!

We got to see several dolphins right out in front of our porch!

We had the most AMAZING time in Florida!! We had a hard time on the way home because on the first day of our trip home Poor Ella was so constipated I didn't even know what to do!! Poor baby was in so much pain, luckily with my mom and big sister's wonderful advice, a quick detour and a suppository later and she was better. Then the next morning Ella woke up extra early crying, when I picked her up she was burning up. She was running a fever. We gave her some ibuprofen and it broke quickly and we were on our way. We just assumed it was teething since the only other time she had ever run a fever was the other time she was teething.  That had been about a month prior. The main problem was that we had changed our returning home route to include Dallas because we had planned on stopping in to see our friends the Stewarts. Since Emma is so fragile, we didn't want to expose Emma to anything if Ella's fever was more then teething. When Ella's fever returned right before we got to CMC in Dallas we had to bypass the visit all together. We were so disappointed. To make things worse Ella's fever kept climbing and ibuprofen and Tylenol together weren't breaking it. It reached a high of 102.9 last night before finally breaking this morning. It returned and broke and returned and now is staying around 100-101. We took her to the doctor and found out that she is teething, but she also has a pretty bad ear infection in her left ear. :( Hopefully the antibiotic will clear it up as soon as possible! It was good to be home sweet home though! Nothing like a sick/constipated  baby in the car. She was so good, but it was breaking my heart. I'm just not used to seeing her with sad eyes. Even though she keeps smiling it is sad. We thank you all for the prayers for safety for our trip! We were so blessed by this opportunity to go to Florida for the first time! I wanted so badly to take a family vacation before Ella's next surgery, God is good to give us the desires of our hearts!! Please keep Ella in your prayers as she is cutting 5 teeth and fighting an ear infection, please also keep her heart friend Emma in your prayers as she is doing remarkable but still has to get off of the ventilator!!


  1. What beautiful pictures. You have a beautiful family! God bless.

  2. YAY - LOVE the pics! Looks like a wonderful trip! Praying the ear infection goes away QUICKLY - we know how non-fun those are. :-(

  3. Such beautiful family pictures!! So glad you had a great trip, now is the perfect time. It gets very hot and humid here in the summer months. I love the winter months since it means I just turn off the air and its comfortable. Praying for Emma and Ella.

  4. If you mentioned where in Florida you went, I missed it. Where did you go? Pictures were absolutely wonderful!!

  5. That little girl is some lucky, she got to see beautiful beaches. She has more bathing suits than I do and probably most people.

  6. So glad you got to take this trip. What great pictures of you all! Ella is such a beautiful little girl! Praying that 'ol ear infection clears up quickly and those teeth get on in where they belong!!


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