Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally feeling better!

Just wanted to stop in here and let all of the prayer warriors know that Ella is feeling MUCH better! She is still on her antibiotic for the ear infection, but she isn't running any fever and the rash is completely gone! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see my sunshine playing again!!! She even surprised me and skipped her morning nap the other day because she was so happy and hyper! That made me smile! She had been so tired, it was good to see her with some energy again!! Also a big announcement... Ella walked yesterday evening!!! She has been taking a step here or there for the last three months, but really showing no interest. Last night she took a good 5 steps in a row and then took multiple steps more then once too!! It was awesome! I felt like I did the first time that she crawled, she is reaching a whole new milestone of independence. A whole new part of growing into the person that she will be. Achieving goals that we never knew if she would have the chance to learn. She makes us proud with her daily smiles and determination. Somehow I never knew how great this life could be, she is a joy! She is sunshine in the midst of life's difficulties and disappointments. She is a gift! One I will NEVER for one moment of my life take for granted. I know just as fast as she went from her first little thump inside my belly to walking and asking me to read her a "book"  that life isn't going to slow down. Just as much as I wish I could hold time still to just enjoy it all just a little longer, I know that this will be the only chance for me to live these moments and so with sadness that they are passing I have joy that they happen and that the moments that we have together as she will grow and learn will be in my heart forever. I know she will continue to thrive and that she will continue to hit milestones that are going to make me cry. I cry tears of sadness of a season passing and tears of Joy with each new goal met! Ella Dawn oh how you hold my heart!! I love you more then all the words could ever say!

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  1. Amy, glad to read Ella is feeling better. Has she been tested for EBV? My daughter used to get a similar rash and fever that would disappear in a day or so and her diagnosis was EBV.


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