Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heading to Dallas tomorrow.

We are heading to Dallas tomorrow morning for a day of tests on Ella to see how her heart is doing since her last surgery. We appreciate your prayers for safety in travel, protection from germs, and good results from the tests. Ella is doing well, but her oxygen hasn't been quite as stable the last two weeks, we are hoping it stables out soon and that the results from tomorrow's tests show no problems. Ella's anxiety is always a concern of mine, I hate when she is so scared, please pray for peace. Also strength for Jon and I, the days we travel to Dallas are long. Ella has been talking about her last hospital stay some at random times. I let her talk about it but I don't bring it up, she has a very good memory and remembers details. It's hard to hear her say things about her stay and about things that hurt her, but she seems not to be traumatized too much while she is talking. She is still nervous when certain things remind her of the hospital and she still has some nightmares every once in awhile where she will say "no hurt, no hurt", but overall she seems to be doing well emotionally. We thank you so very much for your continued prayers for our Sunshine!


  1. Praying for "No Hurt." Have a safe trip.


  2. Praying for good test results.


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