Thursday, March 28, 2013


I got a call today from Dallas letting me know that we needed to reschedule Ella's upcoming appt. again. If you remember we were supposed to have her appt. on the 1st, but that got postponed due to jury duty for her cardiologist. So we rescheduled with the team that is doing her liver testing and her cardiologist for April 4th. Today when she called, she told me that our state insurance contract with Dallas Children's Medical Center is expiring this month, meaning that any care in Dallas beyond March 31st will be denied coverage, and that we need to move out Ella's appt date to try to give them time to work something out.

After talking with the financial lady, she told me that she thought that Ella's upcoming surgery would still be covered, but that all outpatient care the insurance is wanting that to take place in Oklahoma. She told me that she is working on trying to get our insurance to cover Ella and other children who have had all their care in the past in Dallas to remain being covered in Dallas, but so far didn't know their decision. I told her that Ella was supposed to be seen a month after her cath, that would have been this week, so pushing it out again when she has open heart surgery on the horizon and she is still desatting everyday, made me very uncomfortable. She was very understanding and said she would talk to Ella's cardiologist and they would try to push the insurance in our favor quickly.

Right now I ask that you will just pray for clear direction and favor with whoever is making the decision about coverage through our insurance. We have no intention of switching Ella's care to Oklahoma due to finances, God has always provided for us and we know that He will continue to do that even if it looks a little different. Ella's health and well being will always come first. We do have some other options to look into insurance wise if this appeal falls through, it will be better then no insurance, but certainly not what we had in mind so soon. Anyway right now we really don't know much, so please just be praying for God's will to be made clear, and for our stress levels to stay as low as possible.

Thank you all for your prayers and support, we are so thankful to be able to bring requests here and know that they are being lifted up by so many of you that are faithful to pray for our family!


  1. It is so sad that with all the things you have to worry about, the insurance company is giving you more to worry about. Many prayers will be said in your behalf that something will be done to lift your burden.

  2. Amy, keep writing. Your posts are wonderful and we need to hear about your concerns. How else do we know what to pray for. There is always someone out there that might disagree with your views (I am talking about the health care situation).

  3. YOUR BLOG, YOUR CHILD, YOUR HEART. This says it all. Don't know you, but deeply appreciate you. Wonderful mom. Prayers continue


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