Tuesday, March 19, 2013

flexibility- it's the name of the game.

We will now be heading down to Dallas on the 3rd instead of March 31st, apparently jury duty doesn't skip cardiologists.

We had to reschedule the liver test as well, so now we will be having Ella's liver ultrasound at 8:00am April 4th, and then we will talk with her cardiologist at 9:30am.

Prayers for God's timing, that we stay away from germs, and get some answers are so appreciated. We have taken Ella off of the steroid that she was on. We didn't see any good changes while she was taking it. 

Ella is still about the same with her sats, some days are worse then others, but over all she is stable.

She did conquer going down steps by herself for the first time this last week!! We are super excited about that. I know this is something most kids have done already, but Ella has always had a huge fear of steps even with help, so this was HUGE! We are so proud of our big girl! 


  1. I have never noticed that her eyes are different colors! So unique!!!

  2. She is so beautiful ... and growing so fast.

  3. She is getting so big and looks just like her daddy in that picture. Prayers for all to go smoothly.

  4. I have a cousin that has two different eye colors. she loves her own eye colors and wears clear contacts to show them off. I always loved to look at her eyes. Made her so unique and she is very pretty. Ella is precious. Good luck in Dallas

  5. Amy in that second picture she looks just like her momma!


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