Saturday, March 9, 2013

just a quick update

Ella is still the same, we will be heading back to Dallas April 1st to talk to her cardiologist and also to get an ultrasound of her liver. We are checking her liver to make sure it is not the cause of her desats. We thank you all for your continued prayers as we try to figure this out and keep Ella healthy!

 Snuggled on the couch for over 2 hours this morning, loved every minute of it!

This is her pretending to be cold :)

loves playing dress up!


  1. I hope your little sunshine is fixed up real soon.

  2. Adorable pictures - thanks for the update........ praying for answers to come soon........... keep those pictures coming!!!

    Dearest Ella, many of you that you have never met have been constantly checking on you and praying for you - you are so blessed to have the most awesome Mommy and Daddy ever - keep smiling!!!

    Love from Texas


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