Monday, August 29, 2011

Cardiology update

Well Ella had her cardiology check up today, she did very well considering her usual sever anxiety! She only cried a little bit during her echo cardiogram, and then was brave the whole rest of the time!!!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer! Jon and I could only describe the way she handled it, as God hearing the prayers and giving her indescribable peace! Her atrial septum doesn't seem to be narrowing any more, but we are going to continue to watch it! This was the main concern going into today's appointment, so that is another huge answer to prayer! Her sats are staying around 80-83 and Her doctor said he would prefer to see them around 88. However at this time it isn't a concern, he said she may just drop lower faster than some others. Ella is 19.5lbs. and is 29in. long!! Her ear infection is completely gone and her ears look perfect! Also the doctor said that her heart functions looked great! As of right now we are on schedule to have her next open heart surgery in the next year to year and a half. Although it is absolutely necessary, we are not looking forward to it. In fact it is on my mind several times everyday... we are just clinging to the One who has continually saved her life and the one who knows our future!  Our next visit to cardiology will be in November unless for some reason we need to go in sooner. Thank you all so much for your prayers today and for all of the prayers that have been lifted on our behalf. Truly we are humbled and amazed!


  1. Yay!!!!! So happy to read about the good report from the Doc and how she wasn't as scared. My youngest son just hated the Doc's with a passion but within time and the right Doc he did get much better.

  2. Well, doctor visits may be stressful for Ella, but it looks like bath time brings out the FUN side!

    So glad to hear the reports were good at the doctor. Prayers continue for your family.

    Joy/Chandler, OK

  3. I can't get over how pretty she is! Such a big girl. Thanks for sharing the great news from her appointment.

  4. I'm happy that she had a good visit with the doc.

  5. glad the visit went well - and glad you're clinging to the One who holds our babies in His hands!


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