Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Pictures!!!!

 Good morning Sunshine! 
We woke her up singing "happy birthday" and flashing the BRIGHT camera.
She was shocked! :)

 And pleasantly surprised! :)

 Then again it was early lol :)

 Birthday breakfast in her royal chair

Beautiful cake donated from Johnie's Bakery through Icing Smiles

 Birthday Girl!!

Singing Happy Birthday to our 1 year old!

Digging in and making a sticky mess!

Our Miracle!  

 She was mesmerized! 

 and oh so messy!

The aftermath! lol

Gifts!! She is so blessed!

 Mommy opened the presents to keep away the germs and daddy entertained the birthday girl!

 Ella got bored lol

 Big girl in her birthday chair!

 Banner from 

 We had a full room!!

 My mom and Aunts saving the day!!!

 Very special guest Lyric with her mom Summer! Lyric is one of Ella's heart friends!! We love her and her family :)

 Enough Candy to last FOREVER!! lol

What a GREAT celebration!! God is SO good! Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak at Ella's big day!


  1. Happy Birthday baby girl:)) You guys had so much fun, I can tell it:))

  2. What a darling party and darling party girl! I have said this before but, you are the cutest family!

  3. We have all been waiting for these pictures. WOW! How beautiful the decorations were. Love the picture of her looking at her little cake with the one little candle on it. You don't know me, but I have been keeping up with your blog. I met your little family through Hope For Emma's Heart. You all are so sweet, and you will have a wonderful future with your precious little girl. She is quite a little girl. It is my prayer that she grows up healthy and strong and bring many many years of joy to you and your family. Oh, sweet Ella, you are a doll.

  4. Thanks for posting pictures of your adorable little Sunshine's birthday party. Here's to many more!


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